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Thursday, March 31, 2011

New Blog: Back To One - Producing, Directing and Acting in NYC

Van Dirk Fisher, AUDELCO Winner, Founder and Artistic Director of the Riant Theatre and the Strawberry One-Act Festival (Bi-Annually), gives insights on producing, directing and acting in NYC.

I’ve been asked several times for advice from actors, directors, playwrights and producers about this business we call “Show Business” and I’ve decided to write this blog to offer some insight to what I’ve learned over the years working as an actor, director, playwright, theatre producer, novelist and motivational speaker. I hope this blog is helpful. Please feel free to ask me questions and share your experiences in show business and maybe I will address your concerns and share your experiences in future blogs.

Q: What are the THREE “Ps” that every artist should live by?

Being Present, Prompt & Prepared. I was trained with the school of thought, while attending the High School of Performing Arts in NYC, that as an artist when we commit to a project we should be present without making excuses. The teacher or director should not have to spend time listening to an actor’s excuses for why they couldn’t be at rehearsal, they should simply be there ready to work. The second “P” is being prompt. This was a must. In fact getting there early was even better, so you could have time to take care of any personal things you needed to tend to so that at the start of the session or rehearsal you are ready to start working. The third “P” is being prepared. That means whatever was due for that particular day you made sure you were prepared to do what was expected. If that meant being off book for a particular scene you made sure you were. If that meant having your script, along with a pencil for taking notes and blocking you made sure you had a couple of pencils just in case one broke.

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