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Monday, November 19, 2007

Choreographers, Dancers & Designers Wanted for the Musical LOVING YOU.

The Riant Theatre is seeking choreographers, dancers and fashion/costume designers for the musical LOVING YOU, Book by Van Dirk Fisher, which will be presented February 14th thru February 23rd at the American Theater of Actors in Manhattan. Please send your picture and/or resume to: The Riant Theatre, P.O. Box 1902, NY, NY 10013, Attn: Casting LOVING YOU. The musical features the music from the mixed CD - TOE JAM BEATS: HITTIN' IT LIKE IT'S HOT! To hear some of the music and learn more about the story go to:,, and Non-Union.

LOVIN' YOU by Van Dirk Fisher - Chapter One

Place: Chances Dance Club. Time: After midnight.

Song: GET LOOSE by Christina is playing.

Chapter One: Get Loose

It’s Valentine’s Day and the sweet scent of love is in the air. It’s thick and smooth, sweet and strong. Intoxicatingly and hypnotically filling the nostrils of every human being bold enough to step out on a night like this with an aroma of sex so strong that if you dared to do something naughty you could swear it wasn’t your fault. Cupid’s playing a game and he’s picking his subjects with much delight, and if his arrow hits you, you’ll quickly discover that you’re simply his puppet so you might as well give in. Besides it’s better that way. The less you resist the easier it’s all going to go down. And isn’t that what everyone wants anyway?

It’s Friday night. A little after midnight in New York and the moon is full, giving everyone a good excuse to bust loose, get buck wild and drop it like it’s hot! The place to be on a night like this is Chances Night Club, and Mario, the dj, is rockin’ the house and pumping it so good that you can hear the people on the dance floor moan with pleasure. Oh yeah, he’s that good and he knows it, as a sweet smile slides across his face revealing a seductive smile with a promise that it’s going to get hot and you’re going to love it. A hot stud, Mario knew he could have any girl in this club if he wanted them and any man for that matter. He was that fine and he knew it. His skin was so smooth and golden caramel that it glistened as he worked up a sweat spinning the beats to Christina’s hit song GET LOOSE. And that’s exactly what everyone was doing as the song filled the air. The vibe was electric. Everyone was dressed to impress and hopefully would find that special someone to make the night complete.

Justin, a tall glass of chocolate that could give Tyson Beckford a run for his money, was getting his drink on when this girl stepped up to him and tried to lure him to the dance floor. She was hot and was snatched from head to toe in an outfit that left very little to the imagination. She had the goods, but Justin never liked it when women threw themselves at him. He wanted to work for it. He wanted to be in control. She kept fawning over him, but he wasn’t having any of it. He wanted to say something, but didn’t want to be rude. Finally she got the message and moved on to the next guy longing for attention. Dayum he wished women would just let him be the man and take that shit when he wanted it and how he wanted it. But when they saw him they couldn’t help themselves. That’s because Justin oozed sex, but when it was too easy to acquire he wasn’t interested. Plain and simple, he liked the attention, but preferred being the one to make the first move. (To read the entire chapter click here.)

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

The Winners of the Strawberry One-Act Festival in Hollywood Are...

The Best Play: LOVE JONES By John Oluwole ADEkoje

The Best Director: Aric Martin for TRESPASS

The Best Actor: Keith Mascoll for LOVE JONES

The Best Actress: Heather Moody for THE PATTERN


The next Strawberry One-Act Festival will be at the American Theatre of Actors, 314 West 54th Street, between 8th & 9th Avenue, in NYC, from February 14th through February 24, 2008.
For an application go to