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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

WHO'S GOT GAME? A New Improv Show

WHO'S GOT GAME? the new improv show now playing at the Roy Arias Theatre, 300 West 43rd St., 5th Floor, Sunday, November 26 thru December 17th. See 20 actors compete for the title of Best Playa Playa and a cash prize of $500. (Scroll down to see a video clip.)

On November 26th we enter Round 6 of the competition. At the top of the show 4 actors will be eliminated from the show. The special guest artists are hip hop singer TRENDS and folk/pop singer SKY W. SEALS. Tickets are $10 before Friday and $15 after. You can purchase them online at or by calling the box office at 646-623-3488.

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Click above to listen to the theme song to WHO'S GOT GAME? (Singers, Stephanie Jennot, Ryan Love and rapper Lanigiro. Song Lyrics & Music by Van Dirk Fisher, Music Arrangements and Rap by Lanigiro.)

Here's a video clip from the show on November 19th with the actors
Satomi, Nadja and C.G. playing the game FREEZE TAG.

Here's a video clip with
Sharon and Todd playing FREEZE TAG.