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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Finals - Friday, August 20th at 7pm

The best plays from the Semi-Finals & The Wild Night
Friday, August 20, 2010 at 7:00 p.m. For tickets call 646-623-3488 or buy them online at

The plays will be posted as they advance to the Finals.
There will be a reception during intermission.

1) HIROSHI – ME, ME, ME Written by Natalie Menna
There’s no end to Roberta’s delusions…or ranting. Scary that there’s a little bit of Roberta in all of us!
Click here to see an interview with the actors Jessica Vera and Josh Evans discussing the play.

2) ALL IS ONE NOW Written by Josh Gulotta
Featuring: Daniel Brian Jones, Tim Jones, Mae Mitchell & Morgan Whitaker

A man discovers he still hasn’t found what he’s looking for.
Click on the name to see an interview with Josh Bulotta, Mae Mitchell, Daniel Briand Jones

3) WHY THEY CAME Written by Jessica Hinds & Directed by Lucia Peters
No one knows where they came from or why they came, or their reasons for taking most, and leaving the rest. As four survivors struggle to make sense of what has happened, one man comes to a startling conclusion.

4) HEROES Written & Directed by Joseph Lizardi
Featuring: Jason Faust & Collin Knight

Two different types of Vietnam heroes come face to face about the war.
See an interview with Joseph Lizard, Jason Faust, Collin Knight.

5) THE ASSESSMENT by J.M. Eisenman & Directed by Al D'Andreà
Justin Shapiro is assigned to assess former comedy writer Thelma Drayer for a conservatorship, but just who is assessing who?
Click here to see an interview with actress Lynn Taylor.

6) SOUL OF A POET Written by Isaac Shapiro &
Directed by Heather Arnson

Two people, one with an above average the other with a below average IQ live together, but their relationship and livelihood become threatened when old secrets are revealed.

7) SOMETHING LIKE PENQUINS Written by Levi Wilson
Directed by Mario Corry
Featuring: Janaya Combs, Ryan Nazionale & Levi Wilson
Can people march like penquins?

8) PLAYING THE GAME Written by Holly Hunt
Directed by Susan Tromans

Featuring: Peter Augustine, Chris Calaitges, Sherry Mandery and Suellen Romani

In relationships, there are many games p layed. Samantha and Adam go home together to find out the game they are playing is not the one they thought.


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