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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Plays Moving Into The Semi-Finals

Plays Moving Into The Semi-Finals
Monday, August 17th at 7pm:

Melt Into The Sun Written by Camilla Maxwell & Directed by Paula D'Alessandris (From Series C)
Business Or Pleasure Written by Tom Dirwachter & Directed by Sedrick Rose (From Series B)
3. Looking for Talika by Von H. Washington, Sr. & Directed by Kim Weston Moran (From Series E)
Jumping The Gun Written & Directed by Kyle Overstreet (From Series A)
Prescriptions Written & Directed by Ellen Orchid (From Series D)

Monday, August 17th at 9pm:

Another Chance Written by Keith R. Higgons & Directed by Becky Copley (Tie From Series B)
The Debt Written by Jerry Della Salla & Directed by Louis Moreno (From Series C)
Compubots Written & Directed by Paul Trupia (From Series D)
4. Crime Stoppers Written & Directed by Paul Schmitt (From Series E)
I Do...I Guess Written & Directed by Michael Musi (From Series A)
A Broken Barbie Written by Ree Merrill & Directed by Emily Swanson (From Series B)

Plays Moving Into Semi-Finals #3, Tuesday, August 18th at 7pm:

1. Up A River/Down An Aisle Written by Jake Lipman & Directed by Brian W. Seibert (From Series H)
2. General Admissions Written by Crish Barth & Directed by TJ Tolan
(From Series F)
3. Taming the Bull Written by C.C. Corey & Directed by Rob Anderson (From Series G)
4. Stroller Wars Written & Directed by Heather Gault (From Series I)
5. Turkey Day Written & Directed by E.K. Deutsch (From Series J)

Plays Moving Into Semi-Finals #4, Tuesday, August 18th at 9pm

1. Deuteranomaly Written by Jessica Fleitman & Directed by Havilah Imfeld (From Series J)
2. Joining the Pack Written & Directed by Will Lenihan (From Series F)
3. Bird Watching Written & Directed by Jeffrey L. Hollman (From Series I)
4. A Time In South Africa Written by Ayannna Nichell (From Series G)
5. I Just Wish Written & Directed by Burt Grinstead (From Series H)

The Plays selected for the Wild Night #1, on Wednesday, August 19th at 7pm

1. At Night In Praha Written & Directed by Steve Capra
2. How To Be Cute And Break Hearts Written by Tomasso Matelli & Directed by David Nash
3. November Mourning Written by Rachel Knowles & Directed by Thomas Leverton
4. Differentiation Written by Charlotte Rahn-Lee & Directed by Smanatha Shechtman
5. Double Fear Written & Directed by Joseph Lizardi

Wild Night #2, Wednesday, August 19th at 9pm

1. Chrysalis Written by Sue Hodara & Directed by Noel Neeb
2. Beastie Busters Written by Gretchen O'Halloran & Directed by Elizabeth Bove
3. The Concrete Wall Written & Directed by J.C. Svec
4. Introductions Written & Directed by Laurence C. Schwartz
5. 16 Tons Written by Adma Harlan & Directed by Jaclyn Amor

Tickets are $20 online at and $25 at the Box Office
At the Theatre at St. Clement's, 423 West 46th Street. Between 9th and 10th Avenue.


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