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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Plays Moving To The Finals on Saturday, February 21st at 1PM

The Finals for the Strawberry One-Act Festival:
Saturday, February 21st at 1pm

At the American Theatre for Actors, 314 West 54th Street, NYC.

1. The Parking Lot Written by Holly Hunt & Directed by Susan Tromans (15 min) (From Wild Night #2 tie)
2. Pear Written by Carol Paik & Directed by Alyse Rothman (15 min) (From Wild Night #2 tie)
3. Dr. Freeman & Hilda Written by Jennie Franks & Directed by Sherry Teitelbaum (From Semi-Finals #1)
(30 min)
4. The Crimson Line Written & Directed by David Fulco (From Semi-Finals #2) (15 min)
5. Free Country Written by Steve Monarque (20 min) (From Semi-Finals #3 - Tied)
6. On My Reel: Real Life In Reality TV
Written by Scout Durwood (30 min) (From Semi-Finals #3 - Tied)
7. The Cupcake Diet Written by V. V. Gil (30 min) (From Semi-Finals #4)
8. Daily Sounds Written by Jay Prasad & Directed by Evan Papas (30 Min) (From Wild Night #1)

Tickets: $25.00 (Includes reception)
For tickets go to or call 646-623-3488

The Nominees for Best Director, Best Actor & Best Actress will be posted by 10:00 a.m. Friday, February 20th.


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