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Sunday, August 03, 2008

The Plays Moving Into The Finals Are...

The Finals are at 1pm on Sunday, August 3rd

1. The Seed by David Pumo

2. Jump by Josh Sohn

3. Painting Tomatoes by Jais Brohinsky

4. Clash and Learn: Str8 vs. Gay

5. The Threadbare Sex by Mia Romero

6. Meatloaf in the Moonlight by David Gallic

Playwrights who are in the festival will each receive 1 comp to attend the festival and to cast their vote to help determine the winner. Playwrights Votes will count for 80% of the Vote. Sorry for this late posting, but an email was sent to our email list as well as postings on the Strawberry One-Act Festival Page and Ticket Page stating the Finalists. We were unable to access our blog for 2 days because someone had marked our blog as potentially being SPAM. I hope that every gets this posting and are able to attend.

Thank you.


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