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Monday, October 23, 2006

WHO'S GOT GAME? A New Improv Show is now available for viewing online on RTV (Click Here)

powered by ODEO

Click above to listen to the theme song to WHO'S GOT GAME? (Singers, Stephanie Jennot, Ryan Love and rapper Lanigiro. Song Lyrics & Music by Van Dirk Fisher, Music Arrangements and Rap by Lanigiro.)

To see a video clip from the show scroll down.
You may now view
Who’s got game? on RTV and cast your votes for the BEST PLAYA PLAYA. The results from the online votes will be announced at our next LIVE TAPING on Sunday, October 29, 2006 at 6pm at the Roy Arias Theatre at the TIMES SQUARE ARTS CENTER, 300 West 43rd Street, 6th Floor. Tickets are online at and are $10 if purchased by Thursday and $15 if purchased after Thursday.

Your name will automatically be placed in a drawing to win a CASH PRIZE when you see the show online and cast your votes. We also had a dance competition, where audience members danced to our theme song
Who’s got game? Help us choose the best dancer online. The dancer with the most points wins a CASH PRIZE.

Danielle, Zaria, Jamie & Hillary play the improv game "Freeze Tag" on the show WHO'S GOT GAME?"

If you would like to enter our dance competition you may sign-up to compete at the theatre the day of the show or you may email us a video of you dancing to our theme song Who’s got game? Send the video file to The submitted videos will be aired online and we will have our online viewers vote for the best dance video and the winner will win a PRIZE!

Sharon, Ylva, Terron, Nick & Michela play the game Freeze Tag on the show WHO'S GOT GAME?


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