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Saturday, September 23, 2006

Do You Have A Secret That's Hidden In The Past?

Sometimes childhood memories are all we have to hold on to as we grow old. But sometimes these incidents have a profound effect on us and they shape our lives more than we may care to admit. But once these secrets that we have hidden in the past are confronted and brought to light we may find that a burden has been lifted and we can now peel back the layers of pain and begin to live our lives a new. Tessie discovers that in HIDDEN IN THE PAST, a one-act play by Michael A. Casano. Tessie has a secret that she was hoping to carry to her grave, but everything changes at her grand daughter's persistance to find out what made her family decide to leave Italy and migrate to America. She had swore to never speak of it again. There was no looking back. But now she must and her grand daughter Jessie may wish she had never asked her to reveal the secret. Who could do such a thing to a child at such an early age? Who should take the blame? And will she be judged for her actions?

We all have secrets in our past that we've never shared with anyone, but wish that we could. Well now you can. If there's a secret that you would like to share that has been a burden to you please share it with us. Release it and set yourself free.

HIDDEN IN THE PAST by Michael A. Casano is the next play that has been selected for the Riant Book Club event, which will be on Wednesday, September 27 from 6pm - 8:30 pm at the Good Restaurant, 89 Greenwich Avenue, between Bank Street and West 12 Street in New York City. The play is in the anthology The Best Plays From The Strawberry One-Act Festival: Volume Two. It may be purchased at,, or To rsvp to attend please email us at For my online friends who can not attend, but would like to participate we can discuss the play here.


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